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The last Wednesday and Thursday of each July is the LOBSTER MINI-SEASON, when recreational divers in the KEYS are allowed to take 6 lobsters per diver each day.  The mini-season gives sportsmen the chance to catch a few lobsters without competing with trappers or commercial divers.
Traps begin going in the water August 1 and the regular season runs Aug. 6 thru March 31.  Recreational divers are permitted 6 lobsters daily throughout the season.
CAPT. RON takes snorkeling trips for lobsters during the mini-season and Aug. 6 thru September.  Charters are limited to 6 people and scuba gear is not allowed.  All lobstering will be in the shallow waters(3-8 ft.) of the backcountry and the edge of the Gulf of Mexico.  Coolers with ice will be provided but you need your own dive gear, including nets, ticklers and gloves.
Charters are for 4 hours and can be arranged to your schedule or according to tidal conditions.  Trips will be shortened if the legal limit is reached within the 4 hour period.